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Being Competitive

How are you going to be successful in an ever more competitive market? Our training will supplement the expertise of the sales force by enabling them to see and confidently address the business executive’s point of view; the point of view that measures results in dollars and cents.

Being Competitive Will Require A New

Set Of Skills

The on-going philosphy must be how do I make the businesses of my customers more competitive in their marketplaces.

Demostrate that your products or

service are “investments” to be made

not “cost” to be controlled.

Corporate clients put a priority on the value of time and money, and are increasely interested in finding new ways to augment return on capital. LAUREN Consulting trains sales representatives to sell their solutions in terms of financial value.

Who Should Attend

Make The Business Case is appropriate for the strategic elements; sales, marketing and management of an organization that needs to complete in a market where products or services have reached equality at similarity high levels of performance.If Make The Business Case delivered to these elements, it will ensure a smooth and profitable transition from product development to market introduction.
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Be able to clarify where your opportunities are.
Learn the language of business.
What keeps a businessman up at night.
Learn to communicate a message that translates perfomance to finance.
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