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Building Key Account Relationships is a major account program focused on learning how to gain market share at the expense of your competitors. By formulating, a well thought out long-term account plan that focuses on making your customers more competitive in their marketplaces, even if your product or service has reached commodity status.The only way to succeed in today’s marketplace is to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with your major accounts. Companies that believe that the “future is now” are already competing by making their customers more advantaged.Building Key Account Relationships is about learning how to be your customer’s strategic business ally rather than an alternate vendor. You will learn how your solutions can help customers operate their business functions and processes more efficiently so that they acquire competitive advantage in their marketplace.

Gain Market Share At Your Competitor’s Expense

Gain Market Share At Your Competitor's Expense Establish a framework for analyzing a customer’s business strategy for sales opportunities. Learn to make every move within you account with foresight and forethought. How to present a compelling business story for risk adverse customers. Gain insights into the competitive forces that drive your customer’s every move. Understand two financial ratios that will allow you to instantly identify areas of opportunities in your account’s organization. No finance background? Learn what you need to know so you can confidently deal with business executives. Learn how your customers are segmenting their business to produce the highest return on investment possible. Acquire a language, and instant credibility, that hits home with your customer’s key decision-makers. Understand which one of four strategies that your customer is implementing for competitive advantage. Be able to align your solution to your customer’s business environment. Translate your customer’s broad competitive strategy into specific action steps on how your solution can help them gain competitive advantage.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for sales people and executives in every functional area of responsibility who need to “effectively sell” products, services or ideas to successfully accomplish their job assignments. Building Key Account Relationships is ideal for anyone who has the need to understand the dynamics of the marketplace that they are competing in whether it be within your own organization or a customer’s organization. Building Key Account Relationships will allow: A sales person to significantly increase their close ratio. Allow a marketing executive to make decisions that are on target in meeting the needs of the marketplace in which he/she are competing. Allows a product-marketing engineer to produce marketing and field training materials that meet the needs of their audience. Any executive who has to understand the competitive forces that are being exerted on their company and how to deal with those forces.
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