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Leave Behind The Old Way Of Doing Things

Make The Business Case is a new sales strategy and a new set of tools to meet your customer’s demands.Your customers are restructuring to be more competitive: reducing debt, reducing capital investments, downsizing their asset base, and decreasing cycle times in design, manufacturing and sales.You do not want to position yourselves as an added cost that you hope to justify. You want to show how you can improve customer profits from the successful application of your products and services. The value you add to your customers operations must be quantified in units of money. You must be able to market the financial values of performance rather than just the operational value of your products. You have no guarantee that you can call on your technology when you need it. Most products and services today have reached commodity status, but you will always be able to guarantee financial value because it does not totally rest on technology.In order to implement this new strategy successfully one must: Understand the customer’s current financial picture and future financial objectives. Be able to identify a functional process in the customer’s environment that presents opportunities for increased revenue or cost reduction. Learn how to quantify the impact of your solution on the customer’s process. Show how new results will tie back to the customer’s business goals.

Make The Business Case Overview

Make The Business Case will give the participants the skill, confidence and tools to clearly position themselves as an adder of value by reducing costs so that their customer’s prices can be lowered and their margins improved. Or add value by helping customers improve margins by adding new features and benefits to their products, services or systems. Or help expand market share by increasing sales force productivity. This improvement in a given customer’s business function will produce a new set of business results, because of buying the product of your product or service; its financial value. Make The Business Case is a workshop oriented two or three day sales training program. Through highly interactive lectures, workshops and drills, participants develop a “story” that clearly defines how the participant’s product offering adds financial value to their customer’s business. This done in small manageable steps that builds confidence. Individuals leave the class with a well-defined sales strategy and a strong set of customized sales tools that they can use confidently and immediately.

Make The Business Case Class Agenda

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