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Innovative and specialized

sales training solutions to

get extraordinary results.

This is accomplished by providing the tools and understanding to effectively influence financial decision-makers as well as technical decision- makers. With our unique philosophy of Make The Business Case, we can train sales representatives to assure their customers that they can get what they want most --- to be more competitive and profitable in the marketplace. Corporate clients put a priority on the value of time and money, and are increasingly interested in finding new ways to augment return on capital. LAUREN Consulting trains sales representatives to sell their solutions in terms of financial value. Our training will supplement the expertise and imagination of the sales force by enabling them to see and confidently address the business executive’s point of view; the point of view that measures results in dollars and cents. LAUREN Consulting develops the necessary skills for a sales organization to effectively gain attention, engagement and commitment at the executive decision-maker level.  
Our seminars are based on Al Delgado's, president of the LAUREN Consulting Group, many seminars given over the last seven years, as an international consultant and twenty five years of sales and sales management experience that included the development and management of the Hewlett-Packard Sales School. HP Sales School graduates consistently exceeded Hewlett-Packard average sales force performance by 10 to 15%. Delgado will take the trial and error out of aligning your product with your product with customer's most critical business issues. You will be given a specific sales process and meeting agendas that will grab your boss's attention and position you as a provider of profits for your customers. Bring Al Delgado into your organization with his innovative training programs customized specifically and focused on your products and services. The LAUREN Consulting Group programs ends the need to discount allowing full margins based on value rather than cost.
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Al Delgado